It’s the most wonderful time of the year…national DOUGHNUT day! You might recall that at the beginning of my Tour De Doughnuts, I wasn’t particularly fond of the things. However, I’ve grown to love them. 

As posts of doughnut appreciation flooded the internet this June 2, I began wondering how this day came about. Did doughnut shops create it as a way to bring in more customers? Did Homer Simpson leap out of the television and declare a day dedicated to celebrating his favorite food? Did the doughnut population develop a mind of it’s own and create a holiday out of pure vanity? I looked to the most reliable resource I know, Wikipedia, for the truth and it turns out it’s a lot more meaningful than any of those things. 

It was created by The Salvation Army to celebrate their members who served doughnuts to soldiers during World War 1. A fine nugget of knowledge for you on the lovely National Doughnut Day.  And thank you to the brave men and women who…served doughnuts to our troops.

If this post is the first you heard of National Doughnut Day and you didn’t get a chance to eat a doughnut, go ahead and celebrate tomorrow…I won’t tell anyone. 

All of America today

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