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Disney doesn’t like to feel left out. When they noticed trendy doughnut shops were becoming a fad, the head of Disneyland Foods thought, “we must have a taste!” Okay, this probably isn’t how Disneyland actually decided to sell some quirky doughnuts but in my head, it was. Regardless of how they came to be, doughnuts are in Disneyland, people. They are here and they are thriving. They made their debut in October of 2016 and people have been eating them up (pun intended) ever since. The first time I tried to get my hands on one of these doughnuts they were already sold out for the day. It was 10 a.m. For purposes of my Tour De Doughnuts, I woke up at the crack of dawn and hauled my butt down to Disneyland to see how their doughnuts would compare to my previous stops.


The doughnuts are located at a food cart near Sleeping Beauty’s Castle, to the left of the entrance to Fantasyland. A fresh batch of doughnuts arrives in the morning and in the evening, but they disappear quickly. To be safe, I spent 20 minutes lurking by the cart until the doughnuts arrived in their big blue doughnut carriage.


The cast member working at the cart informed me that there are different kinds of doughnuts sold each day. When I visited, the three doughnuts featured were s’mores, Fruity Pebbles, and a Strawberry doughnut, similar to The Donut Man’s. I hadn’t seen a s’mores doughnut yet on my tour, so I selected that one.



Note: these doughnuts are NOT cheap. Nothing at Disneyland is ever cheap, but these doughnuts felt particularly pricey in comparison to other sweet treats in the park, so I figured they must be ~out of this world~.


But the aesthetics.


Let me preface what I am about to say by reminding you how much I love Disneyland. I am a self-proclaimed connoisseur of Disneyland treats and most of the time they do a bang up job in the food department. However, this particular doughnut was a miss. Despite the fact that I bought it immediately after it was delivered to the cart, it tasted like it had been sitting out…a while. The graham cracker, marshmallow and Hersey chocolate toppings didn’t add much to the flat, stale taste of the doughnut. Overall, it tasted like a piece of bread with dried chocolate frosting and old toppings. A TRADEGY. I was prepared to write about the magic and wonder of The Disneyland Doughnut, so it brings me great sorrow to bring you this less than delicious news. Also…there was a hair on it and I promise you it was not one of my own.


I didn’t even notice until half way through the doughnut. Gross.


I suppose this doughnut fail can serve as a reminder that nobody is perfect. Not even Disneyland. Sigh.

P.S.- I still ate the whole thing (after picking the hairy marshmallow off) because it was almost six dollars and I am no quitter.


A photo snapped during Disneyland Doughnut consumption. At that moment I was not the Happiest Girl on Earth.





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