THE EDGY DOUGHNUT: Voodoo Doughnut


Voodoo Doughnut Portland
Oregon location (Photo credit- Tony Webster)


Once there was a doughnut shop in Portland, Oregon, called Voodoo Doughnut. People traveled from near and far to taste the avant-garde creations that were born there. One day, Voodoo decided to expand to Los Angeles, California, and plant its roots in Universal CityWalk. LA rejoiced.

Since I don’t live close to any of the other Voodoo locations, I was jazzed to find out they were coming to Hollywood. The store opened in early April, but the hype has not yet died. I waited 45 minutes for two doughnuts. 45 MINUTES.


This is what a 45 minute wait for doughnuts looks like.


With that being said, we had ample time to look over the menu and decide which doughnut would be the cause of our early-onset diabetes.


The menu we were handed to peruse while we waited.


Several of Voodoo’s doughnut designs are NSFW, so my nutty companions and I chose to stick to some of the more family-friendly doughnuts of the bunch. Our box comprised two ODB’s, a Lemon Chiffon Crueler, a Dirty Snowball, a Butterfinger, and an Oh Captain, my Captain.


Our doughnut haul.


I’d heard rumors of the ODB (Old Dirty Bastard, sorry mom), and I knew I had to try it. The ODB is a yeast doughnut topped with chocolate frosting, Oreos and a peanut butter drizzle. The combination of the toppings was otherworldly, but the doughnut seemed as if it had been sitting out for a bit. We didn’t arrive until after 9 p.m., but shouldn’t a famous doughnut shop crank out fresh doughnuts more frequently? I couldn’t help but imagine how tasty the doughnut would’ve been if it was warm.


Butterfinger(top left), Voodoo doll(top right), ODB(bottom left), Lemon Chiffon Crueler(bottom right)


To pay homage to the shop’s name, I also selected the Voodoo Doll doughnut. It is a jelly-filled chocolate bar, shaped like a voodoo doll. Jelly in a doughnut doesn’t usually thrill me, but the gooey raspberry filling complimented the chocolate bar it inhabited so well. The pretzel stake through the doll’s heart was a nice touch and provided a salty snack to crunch on mid doughnut. Each Voodoo Doll design is unique, a fun flair on top of many other quirky details of Voodoo Doughnut.


My smile metled away when the doughnut delirium kicked in.


I was suffering from doughnut delirium half way through my ODB and couldn’t bear to taste the doughnuts my nutty companions selected, but they described them in true Lady Gaga fashion.


Voodoo’s doughnuts put them on the map, but the eccentric nature of their business model is what has created their cult-like following. The interior alone was like looking through a kaleidoscope into a mystical doughnut shop. It fits in perfectly with the busy, Las Vegas vibes of Universal CityWalk. Voodoo’s passion for extravagance shines through their décor, doughnuts and their dedication to the spelling of the word “doughnut.”

Heck, you can even get married there. I’m not sure why you’d want to, but if you’re really into doughnuts, quirky aesthetics and saying “I do” in front of a wooden coffin, this might be a viable option for you.


“You may now kiss the bride…”


Even if you’re not planning on getting married at Voodoo Doughnut, I would highly recommend stopping by and picking up some doughnuts. Just beware of the doughnut hangover that you will experience the next morning.


Nutty companions with boxes containing even nuttier doughnuts.


All photos by me, unless otherwise specified. 

Additional Photo Credit: Tony Webster, Pschemp


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