THE 24/7 DOUGHNUT: The Donut Man

Stop No. 3 on my Tour De Doughnuts was at The Donut Man in Glendora, California. Unlike most of my stops so far, The Donut Man is a shop I have frequented for years.


The Donut Man, the myth, the legend. 


The thing that has kept me, and many others, coming back is the shop’s famous strawberry doughnut.


The perfectly fried doughnut, the glistening strawberries. Have I died and gone to doughnut heaven? 


Google the shop and your browser will flood with articles raving about this fruit-filled doughnut. However, the strawberry doughnut is only available seasonally, from January to August. Naturally, I’ve never tried anything else because when you find something that delicious, you never let it go. The best part? The Donut Man is open 24/7 so you can indulge in this doughnut delicacy at any hour of the day. Whether 6 a.m. (as if I’m ever awake at 6 a.m.) or 2 a.m. (that’s more like it), The Donut Man has always been there for me.


I want someone to look at me the way I look at the strawberry doughnut. 


Many reading this may already be aware of the beauty and wonder of this doughnut shop. You’re thinking, “The Donut Man is an absolute gem of the Inland Empire. Stop telling me information I already know, Natalie.” If you’re not thinking that, why are you still reading this? Get yourself to The Donut Man!


How did we celebrate Haley’s 21st birthday? With doughnuts, obviously. 



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