THE GRAND OPENING DOUGHNUT: Grizzly’s Biscuits and Donuts


Exterior of Grizzly’s 

On my way to class one morning, I made a pit stop at a doughnut shop that is brand spanking new to Claremont, California. Grizzly’s Biscuits and Donuts just opened on April 1 of this year. Let’s be real, it was about dang time for a good doughnut shop in Claremont. I entered the shop as I enter most doughnut shops…with low expectations.
When my GPS let me know I had arrived at my location, I hunted for some Grizzly’s Biscuits and Donuts signage. Instead, I found this giant doughnut that let me know I was in the right place. Go figure.

My interest was piqued after entering Grizzly’s because the décor and overall vibe of the place was darling. The shabby chic feel of the interior made me feel right at home. I’m a sucker for anything teal, and this place was CRAWLING with it.

A table for doughnut eating 
A cute box for doughnut holding

My amazement didn’t stop there. Each doughnut was resting on a pedestal like a tiny doughnut prince, showcasing the beauty of each creation. The case was full of unique flavors that change monthly. The doughnuts we chose may or may not be featured in the future, but you can check their menu to find out. They also have biscuit sandwiches, but that’s a conversation for a blog on biscuit sandwiches.

Doughnut display

My poison came in the form of the white chocolate coconut kumquat doughnut. It is a mouthful in more ways than one. I actually said the words, “I don’t think my mouth will ever be the same.” The fluffiness of the doughnut alone was unmatched by any doughnut I’ve had previously. The tanginess of the kumquat was balanced by the mild flavors of the white chocolate frosting, coconut flakes and poppy seed toppings. Citrus on a doughnut was not something I’d experienced before, but now that I have, I am an advocate for the marriage of the two flavors.


*puts a bunch of random ingredients on a doughnut and somehow it’s magically delicious*

The fluff factor rang true for the doughnuts my nutty companions selected as well, but their flavors were quite different from my own. The Oreo doughnut was heaped with crushed Oreo, cascading over frosting like a cookies and cream waterfall. Imagine that the world’s fluffiest doughnut and “Milk’s Favorite Cookie” had a child together. That was this doughnut.

*puts Oreo on doughnut to make it even worse for you*

The strawberries and cream doughnut was topped with a light vanilla frosting, fresh strawberries and white chocolate curls. We think Strawberry Shortcake would’ve been head over heels for this one.

*puts fruit on doughnut to make it seem healthier*
Our three doughnuts posing for a picture.

Before leaving, I noticed that the cartoon of Grizzly the Bear, Grizzly’s mascot and namesake, was very Simpsons-esque. Yes, Simpsons-esque as in “The Simpsons”, the beloved and crude yellow cartoon family. You can decide for yourself whether or not you think this a coincidence by skipping ahead 14 minutes into this episode.

Grizzly the Bear

I may never know if Grizzly the Bear escaped from an episode of “The Simpsons” to be a mascot for a doughnut shop, but I do know that this will not be my last visit to Grizzly’s Biscuits and Donuts. Who am I becoming?

Coffee cheers!

All photos by me. 


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