THE ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM: Doughnut versus Donut


donut graphic
Stay tuned to find out which will reign triumphant.


Since I know it has been keeping you up at night, it’s finally time to answer the age-old question…is it doughnut or donut? Believe it or not, the correct spelling of the word is hotly debated by people of the internet, those I like to affectionately refer to as “the unemployed.”

This is a real thing people are concerned about, and since I clearly side with #TeamDoughnut (see blog name), here’s my two cents. Both are correct. However, I feel one is more correct than the other. Doughnut is the original spelling and donut is the shortened version for lazy people. Boom.

Long story short, the modification of the word happened somewhere in doughnut history. But the question still remains, why is no one fighting over calling them by their original name, oly koeks? It probably has something to do with the word’s translation being “oily cakes,” which sounds like an insult you’d shout at someone when you’ve run out of insults. Whichever way you spell it, you are technically safe. Unless you’re still calling doughnuts oily cakes. Then you are just rude. Long live #TeamDoughnut.


donut colorful



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