When I decided to embark on this doughnut road trip, I knew it would be offensive not to start in my hometown. Mind you, Rancho Cucamonga isn’t best known for its doughnuts…or so I thought. I opened my trusty Yelp app and searched for the top-rated doughnuts in the ol’ RC. Despite the fact that there are traditional doughnut shops on nearly every corner, Cake Among Us, a bakery, was the no. 1 doughnut shop in my city. I decided that the first stop on my trip would be to Cake Among Us to see if a bakery could truly make delicious doughnuts.

The exterior of the joint

I found Cake Among Us to be a pleasant little shop, with teal accents and colorful sayings lining the walls. The staff was friendly and attentive, greeting us immediately when we walked in and apologizing endlessly for the wait, which was five minutes at the most. Despite our late arrival at 11 a.m., the cabinets were still full of doughnuts that looked too pretty to eat.

Some of the more colorful doughnuts in the case, in all their cereal-topped glory
By the looks of that full case you’d think we visited at 6 a.m. rather than 11 a.m.
Blueberry Inspired Doughnuts

I chose two of their most popular doughnuts, a chocolate doughnut with chocolate icing and a blueberry cake doughnut.  My friends who accompanied me, who I will refer to as my nutty companions for the duration of this blog, chose a blueberry doughnut and pineapple jelly-filled doughnut.

My nutty companions posing with their most prized possessions of the morning

Let. me. tell. you. These doughnuts exceeded my expectations. What struck me the most was the uniqueness of the blueberry cake doughnut. The thicker consistency and strong blueberry flavor set it apart from the standard doughnut. After tasting the shop’s delicious creations, I was dying to know how Cake Among Us came to be in Rancho Cucamonga. I came across the shop’s homepage, which describes more about how the owners moved to California from Illinois and opened the shop in 2015.

Upon further research, I learned that the store’s name is actually a play on the word Cucamonga, it’s city of origin. Say it a few times and it may start to sink in. While reading an article from our local newspaper, I learned more about the shop’s journey to success through the eyes of the owner, Scott McCaslin. Not to mention that I gained a few more baking puns to add to my repertoire, courtesy of McCaslin himself.

I suppose it was silly of me to be so skeptical of the shop. I don’t know why I didn’t just assume that a bakery would probably be better at making doughnuts than a hole in the wall doughnut shop that is self-titled “DONUTS” in large red lettering. In fact, Buzzfeed named them the best doughnut shop in California. WHAT! With shops like California Donut and Donut Man for neighbors, this is truly a feat. Cake Among Us shattered my expectations of what a doughnut should taste like, and I don’t want to speak too soon, but I may be having second thoughts about where my doughnut allegiance lies.

Victory photo!

All photos by me. 


6 thoughts on “THE HOMETOWN DOUGHNUT: Cake Among Us

  1. I LOVE this! We just tried Cake Among Us recently too….but my donut loyalties will always lie with Upland donuts! The BEST maple bar around!!! Can’t wait to read what’s next 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you for this blog. As a connoisseur of fine doughnutting I’m always grateful for others insights into the world of doughnuts. Your fact finding tour will no doubt save me hundreds of hours driving from shop to shop in order to discover the ultimate doughnut.
    Again, thank you for your doughnut insight and make sure to bring a box of this blueberry heaven to work today.

    Liked by 1 person

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